Primary Requirement Analysis

This is the first stage where we establish primary requirements of your project and determine its goals and objectives through project specifications. After analyzing your technical, operational and financial feasibilities, we provide you a project plan and budget estimates for the future stages of development. 

Comprehensive Requirement Analysis

Once the project is accepted by us, we usually have multiple conference calls/ meetings/ email communications as necessary with your team to get detailed understanding of your IT requirements and its scope. Our team then prepares comprehensive requirement analysis, and with your consent, detailed requirement analysis document is signed to its effect. Subsequently, our skilled software engineers recommend suitable software and operating system choices available in the market depending on your business needs taking your employees’ expertise & software resources into consideration, so as to optimize your IT investment in a resourceful way. Next, we move to the application prototype phase. 

Application Prototype

This is the early stage of the software development lifecycle where we develop your project application prototype considering both the primary and comprehensive requirement analyses. Once finished, we submit prototype for approval and if you want us to make any changes or suggestions, we modify your prototype accordingly. A significant amount of the User Interface Design takes a bare-bone shape here. 


Design starts in the prototype stage, and is an elemental part of any software application. Taking into consideration your requirements, we break up your entire task into modules and make sure our system analysts outline user interfaces to each module to ensure proper overall dataflow through representation of dataflow diagrams or use cases depending on your requirement analysis. Later, our database designer architects backend databases using constraints and make sure that your data maintains integrity.

Coding Development

Our software developers write the actual software programs/ code at this stage. Our experienced software programmers follow strict coding standards and modularize the code to make debugging and future feature expandability an easy job. Error handling tops the priority as our experts put significant effort to optimize memory usage, speed and functionality.

Integration and Testing

In this phase, we integrate different modules developed by different developers together into a special testing environment, and then check for integration errors, bugs and interoperability. 


Documentation of your application is taken up from the design phase itself. Comprehensive, yet end-user-friendly documentation is prepared by our technical writers under in-depth consultation with software development team. 

Application deployment

This is the concluding stage of your application development where the software is installed on to your servers by our deployment team. We offer assistance to deploy software through remote administration. Optionally you can even hire us for physical in-house installation at reasonable prices. 

Post project support

Project support and maintenance are essential to enhance / modify features as necessary. We offer post project support and maintenance at affordable prices to make sure any of your extra needs would be seamlessly taken care of. For any operation-related questions, suggestions and training on the new projects / technologies, maintaining websites and applications.