ATRIBS Resource Consulting has strong association with resources and business people.

ATRIBS highly specialized consultants works closely with clients to ensure their critical project stays on schedule.

All our clients expect us to quickly find the right person with the right skills to deliver results for their company.

Our business philosophy:

We make it simple. We're honest, ethical, and professional. We listen - carefully - to you, in order to understand your precise requirements.

Our consultants:

We have a strong network of consultants and strategic partners developed over the years. We attract the top IT and software professionals in the field. Every consultant we recommend has been carefully pre-screened and personally reviewed.

We value your time

We put in the upfront time to get to know our consultants and your organization. We learn your culture, your business structure, and the kind of personalities that will fit the environment. So when we recommend a consultant, you can be sure it fit your requirements.

Our follow-through

Once we find a match, we get involved through the end of each engagement. If issues arise between consultant and client, we're extremely skilled at conflict resolution.

We are committed to meet or even exceed our clients' expectations.